Have you seen a UFO in the sky? It could be ADIFO, a supersonic flying saucer UFO enthusiasts admire all sorts of photos and videos showing unidentified flying vehicles. Now materials with their participation will appear on the web much more often, thanks to ADIFO.

Two Romanian scientists decided to use their experience and the latest technologies to build the first small flying saucer, with its appearance resembling the iconic spaceships of alien civilizations, well known to us from comic books and sci-fi movies, on which aliens visit our planet since the dawn of time and perform terrifying human experiments.

ADIFO stands for All-DIrectional Flying Object and is the most advanced flying vehicle of its type in the world. The saucer is 120 centimeters wide and weighs several kilograms. It has been equipped with four electric fans, thanks to which we can perform vertical take-offs and landings. Once in the air, two thrusters (electric for now) turn on, which can accelerate the ADIFO to supersonic speed. Two nozzles on the side of the device also help to efficiently maneuver the vehicle.

Scientists assure that ultimately the device will be able to fly upside down, rotate quickly during flight, change position, and crossing the sound barrier will not be as loud and characteristic as in the case of ordinary airplanes. For now, the device is small, unmanned and radio-controlled, but Romanians want to build a full-size vehicle that can be boarded by several people and make an unforgettable supersonic flight.

In the above video you can see the ADIFO air tests. The possibilities of the device prototype, already at this stage of project development, are simply delightful, but the best is yet to come. The development of technology is progressing rapidly, which gives hope that it will soon be possible to build devices that are substitutes for spacecraft. Of course, it would be nice to equip them with anti-gravity drives, but this is currently not possible.

I wonder if the US military Moviesider not have such inventions a few decades ago, since it has a huge budget for the implementation of such projects. Perhaps these are the various prototypes we have seen over the past decades.