Google Maps now with more powerful GPS will make it easier to navigate through cities The giant announces that it will soon release a new version of the Google Maps application, which will be much better at determining our position and leading to the set goal. Dense buildings will no longer be a problem.

The changes are to be spectacular, at least that's what Google announces in its message. Engineers modified the positioning algorithm and supported it with the latest 3D city models. Thanks to this, our phone, even if it loses the GPS signal between urban buildings, the application will correct the reflections and accurately indicate our position, based on the forecasts of movement around the buildings.

“Thanks to the new 3D assisted mapping fixes, [locating] accuracy in cities improves significantly. Android's location system can now reduce the number of mis-pointing by approximately 75 percent, ”we read in a Google press release.

Better positioning, routing and destination guidance will be possible in as many as 3,850 cities around the world. In Poland, these are practically all large cities. Google ensures that this database Hollywood Thinker be gradually expanded. For a good start, the new products will go to the company's smartphones, i.e. Pixels, but at the beginning of next year they are to appear on other devices.

Google has significantly expanded its maps application in recent months. There is information about the average traffic in a given store, as well as the current number of customers. This function is to let us know if and when it is worth visiting a given store. It's all with a view to making life easier and ensuring greater safety in times of a pandemic.