Deepfake with Queen Elizabeth II. The faded border between fiction and reality An extremely realistic deepfake with Queen Elizabeth II has appeared on the global network. This year, there were no official Christmas greetings, so they were faked in a very creative way.

The material was prepared by specialists from Channel 4, who indicated that their very controversial work is to become a warning for people to stop trusting their eyes, because the border between the real world and fiction has already been blurred. It happened thanks to the deepfake technology, thanks to which you can freely replace people's faces using artificial intelligence algorithms.

In the video, we see Elizabeth II, who looks very realistic in the first few seconds of the video. The queen mother makes her wishes and describes the situation in the country, and moments later the events turn and the queen begins to dance. Then it becomes clear that something is wrong. However, if there was no entertainment element, most of us would not perceive manipulation. And here's the problem.

Experts warn that such manipulations can lead to very dangerous situations. Imagine that an important personality of the caliber of Elizabeth II utters a forged message to the nation or a war on an enemy country. Such an event could lead to severe social unrest.

Although such deepfake films are amusing and harmless in most cases, a much worse threat to ordinary people is deepnude, i.e. falsified pornographic films distributed online. Such materials can very quickly ruin someone's life, and criminals often use them to extort huge money from innocent people.