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Trailer for “Most Dangerous Game”: Liam Hemsworth in a deadly survival game with Christoph Waltz

In the thriller series “Most Dangerous Game”, which will be launched in the United States in April 2020, a man tries to get a lot of money quickly. To do this, he gets involved in a dangerous game…

When Dodge Maynard ( Liam Hemsworth ) learns that he has a fatal disease, he turns to a dubious man ( Christoph Waltz ), concerned about leaving his pregnant wife behind soon . The latter invites him to take part in a dangerous game that would easily ensure the financial security of his family.

Maynard is said to take part in a human hunt that brings him a chunk of money every hour he survives. If he manages to survive the entire 24-hour game, a total of $ 24.5 million will be awarded.


” Most Dangerous Game ” will launch on April 6, 2020 on the fmoviestv streaming service in the United States. Its content is aimed at everyone who prefers to consume films and series on their cell phones. Individual episodes should be a maximum of ten minutes long, and it should also be possible to watch the series in both portrait and landscape format.

Other upcoming series by Quibi include the “On the Run” remake ” The Fugitive ” with Kiefer Sutherland and Boyd Holbrook and ” After Dark “, a horror series by Steven Spielberg, the episodes of which will only be available after sunset. It is not yet known whether and when the streaming service will also be launched in this country.

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