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Microsoft has found a way to force us to switch to the Edge browser

Internet Explorer has been with us for about 25 years and although it has its problems, it still enjoys a large group of fans who have not been persuaded to switch to other browsers. And even from Microsoft itself, which has been loudly advertising its new solution for several years, namely Edge, which is by definition better in every respect. However, it seems that die-hard Internet Explorer supporters are not doing anything about it, so the Redmond giant is going to force them to switch the way - yes, the same kind as when promoting Windows 10, namely it will do it for them.

Scientists have no good news, the levels of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies are falling rapidly

So far we have heard several different positions, but the latest research is unfortunately not very optimistic. British scientists suggest that the levels of antibodies produced by the immune system in response to SARS-CoV-2 drop significantly a few months after infection, and there is no reason to disbelieve them, because for 3 months they tested hundreds of thousands of patients, namely 365,104 adults . Everything took place in three rounds, between June and September, to track changes in antibody levels. During the tests, SARS-CoV-2 antibodies were detected in over 17,000 people, 30% of which were asymptomatic.

Panasonic has designed a vacuum cleaner to recover… wireless headphones

I think each of us has dropped wireless headphones, because these little ones can be really irritating in this respect - looking for them in a shaggy carpet, on the grass or in the depths of a couch can be a challenge, let alone pick them up from the train tracks. And this is precisely the problem of everyday Japanese railroads, where customers accidentally drop their headphones while getting on and off the train, so someone finally decided to do something about it.

Have you seen a UFO in the sky? It could be ADIFO, a supersonic flying saucer

Two Romanian scientists decided to use their experience and the latest technologies to build the first small flying saucer, with its appearance resembling the iconic spaceships of alien civilizations, well known to us from comic books and sci-fi movies, on which aliens visit our planet since the dawn of time and perform terrifying human experiments.

Google Maps now with more powerful GPS will make it easier to navigate through cities

The changes are to be spectacular, at least that's what Google announces in its message. Engineers modified the positioning algorithm and supported it with the latest 3D city models. Thanks to this, our phone, even if it loses the GPS signal between urban buildings, the application will correct the reflections and accurately indicate our position, based on the forecasts of movement around the buildings.

Israel will send two landers to the moon. There will be unusual creatures on their decks

In April 2019, the Beresheet lander was to land on the Silver Globe, with an electronic version of Wikipedia, human DNA samples, written down the most important history of mankind and ... small living organisms. Unfortunately, the mission ended in a disaster, because the device hit the surface of the moon at a speed of 500 km / h.

Another Starship prototype is already on the launch pad. Tests this year

Although the SN8 prototype made a successful flight, it ended in a major explosion and destruction of the vehicle. After all, this is why tests are performed to detect and eliminate all defects earlier. Elon Musk announced that the test collected valuable data that will allow the maiden flight of SN9 to be carried out from start to finish in a perfect way.

This is how we will see the Silver Globe in 2021. Beautiful animation from NASA

Make sure you write down the address of the video and come back to it during the year when you observe the Silver Globe. We would like to remind you that another Chinese mission, this time called Chang'e-6, will land on the surface of the moon.