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Rolls-Royce will build in the UK … 15 small nuclear reactors!

Owned by BMW, the British company involved in the production of luxury cars, he shared what his new plans, which assume going in nuclear energy and the construction of several nuclear Minipower.In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s technological head of Rolls-Royce, Paul Sterin, announced that the company leads a consortium, the aim of which is to produce the factory modular nuclear reactors supplied to the construction site by a traditional truck. The company therefore build on the UK nuclear Minipower 15, the first of which is to start work already for nine years. There’s no denying that it fits well in the global trend of nuclear energy, because it is worth noting that currently operates 448 worldwide civil nuclear power plants, and another 53 had just built.And of course there are the opponents of this solution, which often falls as an argument in political disputes, but what’s interesting is increasingly comes not about the safety of this source of energy, but the high cost of power plant construction. This is where the action includes Rolls-Royce, which claims that the situation can be changed by the development of small reactors, mass produced in factories that you can bring to the place of conventional trucks, then fold in order to secure access to cheap electricity free of carbon.Of course, this method has its drawbacks, but the company believes that its consortium everything well planned and policzyƂo that with 15 mentioned reactors modular Small Modular Reactors (SMR) will bring the British economy 52 billion pounds, another 250 billion pounds in exports and over 40 thousand new jobs, all before 2050. Each station is designed to work 60 years and generate 440 MW of electricity, or enough to power the city the size of Leeds. The estimated cost of the generated electricity is 78 US dollars per MWh. According to Paul Stein: – Our goal is to release this energy into circulation in 2029. The ideal places to place our reactors are, where they still rely on outdated or decommissioned nuclear power plants. There are two places in Wales and one in the north-west of England. Ultimately, we want to have in the UK 10-15 such reactors. We also count on the strong interest in export, because it can be a huge industry. As we read in the press release, the idea will finance the British government, which has promised 18 million pounds.