Panasonic has designed a vacuum cleaner to recover… wireless headphones As it turns out, lost wireless headphones are such a plague in Japan that a local rail company had to seek help in retrieving them.

I think each of us has dropped wireless headphones, because these little ones can be really irritating in this respect - looking for them in a shaggy carpet, on the grass or in the depths of a couch can be a challenge, let alone pick them up from the train tracks. And this is precisely the problem of everyday Japanese railroads, where customers accidentally drop their headphones while getting on and off the train, so someone finally decided to do something about it.

East Japan Railway Co., also known as JR East, claims that in Tokyo alone, between July and September, there were around 950 cases of dropping their headphones - that's reportedly a quarter of all items accidentally lost by passengers during that time. As reported by The Japan Times, railroad workers have a big problem with this and often after hours, after the last train has departed, they laboriously recover the losses from the tracks so that they can return to their owners. Extracting small devices from between gravel and stones in flight is usually not possible, although attempts with the "magic hand" type grippers are made, especially in the case of passengers who "care a lot".

However, these do not always turn out to be fruitful, due to the small size of the headphones and the limited capabilities of the aforementioned tools. And here comes Panasonic, which has taken up the challenge of developing a special vacuum cleaner that allows you to quickly recover your loss, of course without damaging it. The whole thing is said to resemble a cordless vacuum cleaner with a long pipe at the end, which sucks up dropped headphones and safely hands them over to passengers. What's more, the test device has already appeared at one of the stations and it looks like it close to movies catch on, because it is doing much better than a typical gripper - especially since similar problems are increasingly reported by railways from all over the country, so the demand is high. We are curious about the situation in our country, because Bluetooth headphones are a solution that is becoming more and more popular with us.