In New Zealand lived a giant penguin with an increase of up 1.6 meters

It seems that this fabulous land inhabited not only huge parrot with a height of 1 meter and weighing up to 7 kg, which we learned recently, but penguins and huge, equaling growth of man.Set of bones found by an amateur paleontologist last year in the greensand Waipara was just belong to an entirely new species of bird, and more specifically the giant penguin, which reached up to 1.6 meters tall and 80 kg weight! What’s interesting, however, a new species, named Crossvallia waiparensis is not the first big penguin found in New Zealand, so scientists are of the opinion that all the penguins at a very early stage of its evolution, ie. Some 66-56 million years ago, were simply giants. Crossvallia waiparensis is one of the oldest known to us penguins and a great example of how many species of animals, especially living on the islands, after the extinction of dinosaurs shone in the unlikely environmental niches. According to the researchers C.waiparensis is closely related to other giant penguin, Crossvallia unienwillia, who long ago lived in Antarctica, where in 2000 his remains were found – indicates not only that once New Zealand and Antarctica were connected, but as both very changed. How to claim: – When veins Crossvallia species, New Zealand and Antarctica were much different than now – Antarctica was covered with forest, and both were much warmer than today. It should also be noted that although C.waiparensis was very large penguin when it comes to this stage, is firmly behind its modern relatives. Leg bones indicate that he used to swim in the foot more than the current penguins, may not be able to achieve a more upright position and engage their wings.Scientists also believe that it is not only new species discovered in Waipara greensand and are convinced that among the accumulated debris is more exotic cases that are just waiting to describe. Researchers have in fact hope that these will help us to better understand the process of hiding many mysteries of evolution penguins. If you want to see the remains of the giant C waiparensis own eyes, it’s the end of the year, they can be seen Canterbury Museum.