“Interstellar”: the end of the science fiction film explained

Typical Christopher Nolan: “Interstellar” can leave you with one or two question marks on your forehead. Are you not quite sure whether you really understood everything in the end? We clarify.

From “Memento” to “Prestige” to “Inception”: director Christopher Nolan likes to give up puzzles in his films, which are often clarified in the films themselves, but are still discussed among fans to this day. His science fiction epic “Interstellar”, for example, turned out to be an intergalactic scavenger hunt, which takes one or the other exciting turn on the way to its great dissolution.

In the end, the events really roll over, so that in the end, despite a running time of almost three hours, everything somehow goes very quickly. In the event that you miss an important detail (by the way, tv is showing the film on July 24th at 8:15 p.m.), we will briefly summarize the most important findings from the final act.

Warning, spoilers follow (of course) from here!

Warning, spoilers follow (of course) from here!

The thing with Dr. man

Among the various planets to which the chosen NASA astronauts were sent a few years before Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), Dr. Mann’s planet as most suitable for human life – this is at least the opinion of Cooper, who decides on the basis of the received data to visit that planet and not that of Dr. Edmunds, whose data is also promising.

Another reason that leads him to this decision: his companion Dr. Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway), who insists on visiting Edmunds ’planet but whose judgment is influenced by her personal feelings for the astronaut. She would follow her love without hesitation, neglecting the rational factors.

Dr. Mann (surprising guest star: Matt Damon) let himself be carried away in his desperation of being stuck alone on an uninhabitable planet, however, to falsify the information in order to lure his potential successors to him and let them bring him out of the cryostasis. Because only with a new spaceship that he then wants to tear himself under the nail, there is still hope for him. And that’s exactly what he’s trying to do after Cooper and Co.

Who are you”?

When Cooper and daughter Murph (Mackenzie Foy) come across the NASA base, they are first informed about “them” – unknown beings, probably extraterrestrial, who placed the black hole Gargantua within reach of humans and thus enable the species to survive in the first place . In addition, “they” communicate by manipulating gravity with people, for example with Murph, in whose room an anomaly occurs because of this and books fall from the shelf as if by magic.

Upon entering the black hole, Cooper is XMovies8 promoted into a huge tesseract, which “they” also placed there to enable him to send messages into the past. “They” are by no means supernatural or extraterrestrial beings, but only the people in the future who are able to create black holes and the like – and who want to save themselves by delivering the data. (Yes, time travel films, that can make your brain melt.)

Cooper now realizes that Dr. Brand was right, even if without knowing it: love is the key and permeates all dimensions. He realizes that it is not he who will save humanity, but his now grown daughter (played by Jessica Chastain). Cooper is only the bearer of the data collected by the robot TARS, with which Murph is supposed to usher in the rescue and escape of the people.

And since Murph loves her father more than anything, he also knows very well that she will always have the watch he once gave her when he left with her and thus discover and decipher the message that he is on it from the fifth-dimensional space sends. With that knowledge from the future, she finally succeeds in saving humanity from its destruction – or at least postponing it for an indefinite period of time.

Back to Dr. Edmunds’ planet

Due to the time dilation caused by gravity, only a few hours passed for Cooper near the black hole, while for the rest of humanity year after year passed. Just in time, “they” make sure that he sees Murph (now: Ellen Burstyn), who is now much older than her father, again.

While we see once again those survivors on the monitors who were already talking about the living conditions on earth “then” at the beginning of the film, Cooper has barely aged. And his next mission is already waiting anyway, on which he is embarking on a stolen spaceship together with the reactivated TARS.

Because Brand, who followed her love and should be proved right, is now stranded on Edmunds’ planet – alone, in a new world that indeed turns out to be habitable, but where Edmunds hopes to welcome his followers one day , died before there could be a reunion with his Amelia.

“Interstellar” is currently also available on Netflix.

“Interstellar” is currently also available on Netflix.