Stream on Amazon now: Two wonderfully nasty horror shockers

I seldom found newer horror films as nasty (and good!) As two representatives of the 2020 year, both of which are now available both for streaming and on Blu-ray: “The Invisible” and “The Lodge”.



2020 is a damn nasty horror year for the cinema. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that many cinemas are fighting for their existence after the corona-related closings, because the mere permission to reopen does not mean that enough viewers will come. The big films are missing because they have been postponed to 2021.

But 2020 is also a damn nasty horror year in another sense – and that is meant positively. With “The Invisible” and “The Lodge” two horror films started in February just before Corona, which I especially like for their meanness. To avoid spoilers, I will not describe exactly what I mean by that. Anyone who has already seen them in the cinema will know what we’re talking about – and whoever is considering catching them up in the home theater will hopefully be curious.

“The Invisible One”: An asshole can be even more asshole if nobody sees it

The concept is simple, tried and tested and effective: In Leigh Whannell’s “The Invisible Man” (“Upgrade”) a psychopath terrorizes his ex-girlfriend, which unfortunately works particularly well because the technical genius can make himself invisible.

But the meanness of the invisible is not limited to physically attacking his ex without her knowing what she has just gostream Instead, he uses his skills for a perfidious plan that culminates in a moment of surprise that even with many years of horror film experience I never saw coming.

“The Invisible One” is available on Amazon as a VOD to buy / rent and as a DVD / Blu-ray *.

“The Lodge”: An extremely unfortunate chain of circumstances

The Austrian creative team made up of Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala presented a mighty feature with their joint feature film debut “Ich seh, ich seh” – and with the second film “The Lodge” they proved that the first horror film was not a lucky hit, but that it was Duo has mastered his craft in a way that disturbs me in the best sense of the word.

“The Lodge” has a classic scenario (but please don’t go to sleep straight away after the next sentence): A father drives his two children and his new girlfriend to a remote, snow-covered house, where bad things will soon happen. The highlight:

Each of the characters brings trauma from the past into the old house. They motivate to actions which then become dangerous in their chain. Disgusting about it are the hopelessness and the fact that I can understand each character at least to a certain extent and wish the new family had formed under different circumstances.

“The Lodge” is available on Amazon as a VOD to buy / rent *.

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