Only today: “Shazam!”, “Godzilla 2” and thousands of other films on sale on Amazon

Are you looking for a bargain? Then a visit to Amazon is worthwhile – because today the shipping giant ends two big campaigns for film fans in which there are 4 Blu-rays for 30 euros and 4 DVDs for 20 euros.

The timing may not be the best shortly before the end of the month, but we still want to remind you of two big Amazon promotions that end on July 26th, 2020:

4 Blu-rays for 30 euros *

4 Blu-rays for 30 euros *

4 DVDs for 30 euros *

4 DVDs for 30 euros *

You can still get lots of bargains until midnight, as long as you can find at least four films in one of the two actions. Simply place it in the shopping cart with a click of the mouse and complete the order as usual, the discount will then be automatically deducted before the order is completed. In any case, the selection shouldn’t fail:

Over 1,300 DVDs: In the DVD promotion you will find among other things German productions from classics like “Manta Manta” to more recent movies like “Die Goldfische”, cult films like “Das Leben des Brian”, box office hits like James Cameron’s “Avatar – Aufbruch” nach Pandora ”and even series seasons, for example from“ The Americans ”.

Over 1,300 DVDs:

Over 800 Blu-rays: HD fans can look forward to a selection of Blu-rays that is not quite as large, but still diverse. Part of the campaign are MOVIE 4k all numerous cinema highlights that were shown on the big screen not so long ago – from the monster blockbuster “Godzilla 2: King Of The Monsters” to the DC hero adaptation “Shazam! “And” Pokémon Detective Pikachu “to the music romance” A Star Is Born “.

Over 800 Blu-rays:

Further actions

But of course Amazon has in the meantime also added new promotions for film and series fans. There are currently around 6 Blu-rays for 30 euros * – with a range of at least 250 films. Those who also like to watch their thrillers on television, but prefer to watch them on DVD, are currently getting numerous “Tatort” sets at bargain prices *.

6 Blu-rays for 30 euros
“Tatort” sets at a bargain price

New on DVD