Before “Star Wars 9”: secret apparently revealed to Snoke!

Now it is (probably) out: The reliable “Star Wars” -Berichterstatter Jason Ward describes as “Episode 9: The Rise Skywalker” to be informed of the identity of the mysterious Snoke.

Attention: possible spoilers to “Star Wars 9”

Attention: possible spoilers to “Star Wars 9”

After “Star Wars 7: The awakening of Power” fans had three main questions: Why is Luke disappeared? Who exactly is Rey? Who exactly Snoke? Question 1 was in “Star Wars 8: The last Jedi” answered about Rey’s descent will be official statements in ‘Star Wars 9: The Rise Skywalker’s “enlightened – and when Jason Ward of Making Star Wars is right, then that also of Snoke.

Jason Ward heard anything but, compete in the ranks of pipes in the Internet with any fantasy or patently questionable source statements for attention. In recent years, he has managed to tap into sources in the environment of “Star Wars” production that have given him the correct information to the content of the new films.

To that extent we classify the spread of Jason Ward rumor Snokes origin as quite credible (where also sources can be wrong because film plans to be changed and we definite course only know when we have seen the film). Well then:

As Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) the Emperor (Ian McDiarmid) seeks in its hiding place, a dark, rocky planet called Exegol, is on the way through the underground base at a tremendously large collection of large containers over. In each of them is Snoke.

Many, many Snokes

Snoke, the Kylo in killing “Star Wars 8” after the Supreme Leader had just claimed to be able to read his pupil like an open book, was part of a huge Klontruppe. At least one of Snokes where Kylo passes is dead (in the report is not clear whether the others are over too).

Snoke, the Kylo in killing “Star Wars 8” after the Supreme Leader had just claimed to be able to read his pupil like an open book, was part of a huge Klontruppe.

Should the rumor be true, Snoke was all the time has run from just a placeholder for Palpatine, perhaps acting on instructions or perhaps the will of the Emperor, without knowing it.┬áremains open what the emperor was doing with the other Snokes. In any case, this resolution would the promise of J.J. Abrams fit to dovetail “Star Wars 9” content with the other trilogies:

Because the Emperor had been in every “Star Wars” trilogy of the puppet masters. Especially in the prequels, where he crashed as chancellor the Republic into war chaos and destroyed the Jedi for the most part. And he began to realize his sinister plans? A clone army! It is quite possible, then, that Palpatine is later on proven technology when it comes to terrorize the galaxy via puppet from exile.

Too cheap?

You can already imagine how some viewers this Snoke twist to pose as cheap now. However, then logically the entire “Star Wars” -Plot would have to be described as cheap – and that would not even really derogatory, since the roots of history now stuck in time trashy comic strips and serial of the variety “Flash Gordon”.

“Star Wars 9: The Rise Skywalker” starts on 18 December 2019 in the cinemas. Let’s see if we can until then heard through the grapevine how exactly the Emperor actually the fall in: survived, “Star Wars 6 Return of the Jedi”. You can also watch it on free2watch.