“Stranger Things”: So many consequences of the 4th season of the Netflix series

The fourth season of “Stranger Things” is expected to be released in late 2020 to Netflix. Content, the mystery series to go in a new direction – but the episode number will not change.

The popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” is replete with surprises – no surprise, however, is what the colleagues from TVLine now reveal exclusive:

The upcoming fourth season of “Stranger Things” will probably consist of eight episodes.

The upcoming fourth season of “Stranger Things” will probably consist of eight episodes.

Season two danced with nine episodes a little out of line, season one and three each have eight episodes. The fourth season “Stranger Things” is so different in terms of length not large from the rest, even as we believe that the consequences as to who will be for 50 minutes again. Content but new ways are to be followed …

Get out Hawkins

The short teaser for the fourth season “Stranger Things” left no doubt: In the new episodes of the small town of Hawkins is left sometimes for longer. We have devoted the possible action places the new season of “Stranger Things” a separate article, at this point it only the short version:

The new home of Joyce (Winona Ryder) and her family should be a central venue after they have indeed turned their backs Hawkins. After the post-credits scene of “Stranger Things 3” also represents Russia at a premium artsandcinema.

A release of “Stranger Things 4” for Thanksgiving (Nov. 26) is rotated according to TVLine January to August 2020, making it a good tip, finally playing American Holidays in “Stranger Things” an important role. And Mike (Finn Wolfhard) promised his beloved Eleven yes (Millie Bobby Brown) to visit them on Thanksgiving.

Release of “Stranger Things 4” for Thanksgiving (Nov. 26), making it a good bet