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This is the solution: Star Wars fans will find the perfect replacement for fired The Mandalorian star

This is the solution: Star Wars fans will find the perfect replacement for fired The Mandalorian star

Gina Carano is no longer part of the Star Wars universe. Lucasfilm fired the actress after an anti-Semitic Instagram post. The former MMA fighter has also been dropped by her agency. But what happens now to Cara Dune, the star warrior who embodied Carano in The Mandalorian?

Lucasfilm has three options:

Star Wars fans want Lucy Lawless as Cara Dune

Some fans are particularly fond of the third option. Since it has been clear that Gina Carano has left the franchise, there has been a diligent search on Twitter for actresses who could wear Cara Dune's armor in the future. Above all, one candidate is ahead of the fans: Lucy Lawless.

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Tweets like this can be found on Twitter in abundance since Thursday.

Where does the enthusiasm for Lucy Lawless come from?

A look at their filmography gives an unequivocal answer. The New Zealand actress became famous for playing Xena in the adventure series of the same name from the 1990s. In a sense, the fearless war princess could be seen as one of Cara Dune's cinematic role models.

Even after that, Lucy Lawless asserted herself as an action and fantasy icon. Most recently, she fought her way through three seasons of the horror series Ash vs Evil Dead with Bruce Campbell and took up the fight with dangerous demons. Lucy Lawless as Caran Dune - this idea is no coincidence.

Star Wars: Cara Dune's future apart from The Mandalorian

It is no secret that Lucasfilm had big plans for Cara Dune before Gina Carano catapulted herself into the end with her questionable remarks. The character could have appeared in three upcoming Star Wars projects.

Especially the Stream planet season of The Mandalorian was full of indications that further plans existed for Cara Dune. As a survivor of Alderaan, she has an exciting background - especially in the context of the New Republic, for which she recently worked as marshal on Nevarro. There is still a lot of potential for expansion hidden here.

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Can you imagine Lucy Lawless as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian?

This is how we will see the Silver Globe in 2021. Beautiful animation from NASA

This is how we will see the Silver Globe in 2021. Beautiful animation from NASANASA has prepared a great animation of the Moon's phases and librations in 2020. Thanks to it, we can see how its face will change over the hours and what details of the surface will be visible.

Make sure you write down the address of the video and come back to it during the year when you observe the Silver Globe. We would like to remind you that another Chinese mission, this time called Chang'e-6, will land on the surface of the moon.

During it, the Middle Kingdom will acquire rocks that will later be delivered to our planet and tested in laboratories. Unlike the Chang'e-5 mission, the newest one will land on a completely different part of the moon.

The Chinese want to find out more about the natural resources found there. It is about starting the era of space mining and extracting valuable elements for the functioning of bases.

In October, the SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket will also take vehicles to the Moon, the creation filmfunbox which will be helped by a famous car designer, known for his work for McLaren, Ferrari, Maserati, BMW and others. As part of the MoonMark project, races of remote-controlled vehicles will take place there (see here).

Deepfake with Queen Elizabeth II. The faded border between fiction and reality

Deepfake with Queen Elizabeth II. The faded border between fiction and realityAn extremely realistic deepfake with Queen Elizabeth II has appeared on the global network. This year, there were no official Christmas greetings, so they were faked in a very creative way.

The material was prepared by specialists from Channel 4, who indicated that their very controversial work is to become a warning for people to stop trusting their eyes, because the border between the real world and fiction has already been blurred. It happened thanks to the deepfake technology, thanks to which you can freely replace people's faces using artificial intelligence algorithms.

In the video, we see Elizabeth II, who looks very realistic in the first few seconds of the video. The queen mother makes her wishes and describes the situation in the country, and moments later the events turn and the queen begins to dance. Then it becomes clear epicmovienews something is wrong. However, if there was no entertainment element, most of us would not perceive manipulation. And here's the problem.

Experts warn that such manipulations can lead to very dangerous situations. Imagine that an important personality of the caliber of Elizabeth II utters a forged message to the nation or a war on an enemy country. Such an event could lead to severe social unrest.

Although such deepfake films are amusing and harmless in most cases, a much worse threat to ordinary people is deepnude, i.e. falsified pornographic films distributed online. Such materials can very quickly ruin someone's life, and criminals often use them to extort huge money from innocent people.

Another Starship prototype is already on the launch pad. Tests this year

Another Starship prototype is already on the launch pad. Tests this yearBarely two weeks have passed since the almost successful flight of the SN8 prototype, and SpaceX engineers have already installed another one, designated SN9, on the platform. First there will be static tests and then flight.

Although the SN8 prototype made a successful flight, it ended in a major explosion and destruction of the vehicle. After all, this is why tests are performed to detect and eliminate all defects earlier. Elon Musk announced that the test collected valuable data that will allow the maiden flight of SN9 to be carried out from start to finish in a perfect way.

SpaceX fans believe that we are unlikely to be able to count on the SN9 flight this year, but there will definitely be cryogenic tests of the vehicle. Engineers will first check the tightness of the steel structure and install three powerful Raptor engines. If all scheduled tasks are successful, then flight preparations will be made.

A week ago, there was an unusual situation in the hangar where the SN9 prototype stood. During the transfer, the vehicle tilted and leaned against the hangar structure. Fortunately, only the ailerons were visibly damaged, but the engineers aren't sure if there was damage to the steel skin as well. Everything will become clear in the course of cryogenic tests.

Starship is to be ready by the end of next year. Until then, we'll see a few more prototypes being tested. Currently, several of them are under construction. All work is carried out at the company's facility in Boca Chica, Texas. Interestingly, Elon Musk moved permanently from Los Angeles to Austin a few weeks ago. The billionaire wants to focus there on building a powerful space transport system and the production of new planet watching vehicles.

This is what Cyberpunk 2077 looks like on a PC in 8K, RTX, HDR and the maximum possible settings

This is what Cyberpunk 2077 looks like on a PC in 8K, RTX, HDR and the maximum possible settingsGame of the Year has raised a lot of controversy among players around the world. However, today we will skip the topic of errors, player opinions and translations of CD Project RED and focus on the beauty of the world of Cyberpunk.

And there is something to admire, because it is a great world where you can immerse yourself completely for hundreds of hours. A fan of FPS games with the nickname Xenthorx, he published a footage of Cyberpunk 2077 on his YouTube channel. We can see Night City in all its glory, i.e. in 8K quality, in the maximum tvreview settings, including RTX and HDR technologies.

Israel will send two landers to the moon. There will be unusual creatures on their decks

Israel will send two landers to the moon. There will be unusual creatures on their decksIsraeli SpaceIL was the first company in human history to place a research lander on the surface of the moon. Unfortunately, the mission failed, but now we learn that there will be a second try soon.

In April 2019, the Beresheet lander was to land on the Silver Globe, with an electronic version of Wikipedia, human DNA samples, written down the most important history of mankind and ... small living organisms. Unfortunately, the mission ended in a disaster, because the device hit the surface of the moon at a speed of 500 km / h.

SpaceIL representatives have just announced that they are preparing another mission. According to the information disclosed, it will be called Beresheet-2. This time, however, an orbiter will appear over the Silver Globe with two landers on board. The plan assumes that they will settle in two different parts of the natural satellite of our planet. One on the visible side of the Moon and the other one on the side of the Moon invisible from our planet.

SpaceIL wants to carry out the mission in early 2024. Unlike Beresheet-1, this endeavor is to be much better elaborated and in the course of it, Israel is expected to obtain much more information about the conditions on the moon and its history of evolution. The devices will measure and search for raw materials that can be used by astronauts in the colonization process in the future. Meanwhile, the orbiter is expected to remain in orbit of the moon for several years.

Interestingly, MEDIA JOKER the Beresheet-1 mission, it is worth mentioning that the Israelis placed on board the lander not only artifacts important to humanity, but also living organisms. Scientists wanted to see if they would survive in the extreme environment of the Silver Globe. These are tardigrades, which are said to be aliens living on our planet, because they look bizarre and are practically indestructible.

These invertebrates are one of the most fascinating extremophiles, creatures that can survive even in the most extreme conditions. These creatures are less than a millimeter long and have four pairs of legs and claws.

Scientific research with their participation has shown that they can live in temperatures close to absolute zero and up to 150 degrees Celsius, and they can withstand pressures up to 6,000 atmospheres and a thousand times greater doses of radiation than any other representative of the animal kingdom, and they can survive to 100 years without water.

The Israelis decided to check if the tardigrades can cope with the moon as well as they do on Earth.We are talking here about conditions where the temperature drops to minus 190 on a daily basis and rises to plus 150 degrees Celsius, all with strong radiation. Unfortunately, we won't find out because the lander has crashed, but it is hoped that past missions will help to establish this through new experiments.

Google Maps now with more powerful GPS will make it easier to navigate through cities

Google Maps now with more powerful GPS will make it easier to navigate through citiesThe giant announces that it will soon release a new version of the Google Maps application, which will be much better at determining our position and leading to the set goal. Dense buildings will no longer be a problem.

The changes are to be spectacular, at least that's what Google announces in its message. Engineers modified the positioning algorithm and supported it with the latest 3D city models. Thanks to this, our phone, even if it loses the GPS signal between urban buildings, the application will correct the reflections and accurately indicate our position, based on the forecasts of movement around the buildings.

“Thanks to the new 3D assisted mapping fixes, [locating] accuracy in cities improves significantly. Android's location system can now reduce the number of mis-pointing by approximately 75 percent, ”we read in a Google press release.

Better positioning, routing and destination guidance will be possible in as many as 3,850 cities around the world. In Poland, these are practically all large cities. Google ensures that this database Hollywood Thinker be gradually expanded. For a good start, the new products will go to the company's smartphones, i.e. Pixels, but at the beginning of next year they are to appear on other devices.

Google has significantly expanded its maps application in recent months. There is information about the average traffic in a given store, as well as the current number of customers. This function is to let us know if and when it is worth visiting a given store. It's all with a view to making life easier and ensuring greater safety in times of a pandemic.

Mysterious samples from the asteroid Ryugu will land on Earth in a week's time. "It is a threat to humanity"

Mysterious samples from the asteroid Ryugu will land on Earth in a week's time. The American OSIRIS-REx probe and the Japanese Hayabusa-2 probe will soon deliver rock samples from mysterious objects to our planet. There is a risk that the samples may contain microbes that will decimate humanity.

Epidemiologists have been sounding the alarm for years that the expansion of the population into new territories, such as the Amazon, is associated with the possibility of infection with previously unknown viruses, which have a much more dangerous pandemic potential than SARS-CoV-2. It is no different with space missions, during which we can transfer viruses, fungi or bacteria to alien Earth objects. While agencies make sure that doesn't happen, there's really no way to prevent it completely (see here).

Many scientists fear that the latest OSIRIS-REx and Hayabusa-2 missions, although groundbreaking for humanity and its solar system research, could pose a serious threat to it this time. The American vehicle took rock samples from the asteroid Bennu, while the Japanese Hayabusa-2 from the asteroid Ryugu. Both objects are on a collision course with the Earth and are themselves a threat to us.

Astrobiologists believe that these types of objects can be cosmic sowers of life. This is what the famous theory of panspermia says. One of the asteroids billions of years ago could have hit the Earth and provided it with the building blocks of life, from which simple organisms were later formed by chemical reactions, and then humans evolved. In the rock samples that travel to our planet on the decks of probes, cinema scanner may be material that threatens us.

The experts are looking forward to analyzing the rock samples. There, they expect to make groundbreaking discoveries that could completely change our understanding of the world and rewrite the history of the evolution of life on our planet. Despite high euphoria, scientists have some concerns about the safety of mankind.

The samples will be delivered to the Earth's surface in special capsules. The problem is that they can be damaged during transport in the Earth's atmosphere. If this happens, and the rock material contains forms of life alien to us, it may lead to a very dangerous situation that brings to mind scenes of a global cataclysm from sci-fi movies. But let's hope it doesn't.

The landing of the capsule with samples from the asteroid Ryugu is scheduled for December 6 this year in Australia, while the capsules with samples from the asteroid Bennu in September 2023 in the state of Utah, USA.

Ordinary drones are a thing of the past. This is what MetaFly looks like, the bionic drone of the future

Ordinary drones are a thing of the past. This is what MetaFly looks like, the bionic drone of the futureAre you interested in buying a drone for fun? If the answer is yes, then forget about the usual devices available in stores and think about investing in something more innovative that others certainly do not have.

Drones for filming or for delivering parcels are becoming more and more popular due to the increasing possibilities and falling prices. The future, however, will belong to completely different, more futuristic flying devices, which have little to do with current flying devices.

Meet MetaFly, the latest invention of Edwin van Ruymbee, the grandson of the man who built the first flying artificial bird called TIM. The robot impresses not only with its appearance, but also with incredible agility and possibilities. It's no secret that its designer was inspired by nature itself, namely insects and birds.

Therefore, in MetaFly you will not find rotors, as in a typical drone. It has been fitted with wings that move identically to our winged friends. Unlike them, it is much more flexible and durable, so it is not afraid of collisions with various objects.

The device can fly freely both indoors and outdoors. The drone is controlled by a dedicated controller at a distance of up to 100 meters. MetaFly can accelerate to 18 km / h, and after just 12 minutes of charging the battery, it can fly continuously for 8 minutes.

Most importantly, a futuristic drone is not a project, it ARTS AND CINEMA a ready-made device that really flies. If you are interested in him, read the details of his campaign on the popular Kickstarter. You can have MetaFly for only 79 euros, and if you buy more, the price will drop even more (see here).

Have you seen a UFO in the sky? It could be ADIFO, a supersonic flying saucer

Have you seen a UFO in the sky? It could be ADIFO, a supersonic flying saucerUFO enthusiasts admire all sorts of photos and videos showing unidentified flying vehicles. Now materials with their participation will appear on the web much more often, thanks to ADIFO.

Two Romanian scientists decided to use their experience and the latest technologies to build the first small flying saucer, with its appearance resembling the iconic spaceships of alien civilizations, well known to us from comic books and sci-fi movies, on which aliens visit our planet since the dawn of time and perform terrifying human experiments.

ADIFO stands for All-DIrectional Flying Object and is the most advanced flying vehicle of its type in the world. The saucer is 120 centimeters wide and weighs several kilograms. It has been equipped with four electric fans, thanks to which we can perform vertical take-offs and landings. Once in the air, two thrusters (electric for now) turn on, which can accelerate the ADIFO to supersonic speed. Two nozzles on the side of the device also help to efficiently maneuver the vehicle.

Scientists assure that ultimately the device will be able to fly upside down, rotate quickly during flight, change position, and crossing the sound barrier will not be as loud and characteristic as in the case of ordinary airplanes. For now, the device is small, unmanned and radio-controlled, but Romanians want to build a full-size vehicle that can be boarded by several people and make an unforgettable supersonic flight.

In the above video you can see the ADIFO air tests. The possibilities of the device prototype, already at this stage of project development, are simply delightful, but the best is yet to come. The development of technology is progressing rapidly, which gives hope that it will soon be possible to build devices that are substitutes for spacecraft. Of course, it would be nice to equip them with anti-gravity drives, but this is currently not possible.

I wonder if the US military Moviesider not have such inventions a few decades ago, since it has a huge budget for the implementation of such projects. Perhaps these are the various prototypes we have seen over the past decades.